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Visual Studio Team System: Process Templates and Tools community site is a collection of tools, samples and guidance related to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Process Templates. We’ll share artifacts from early development cycles with you and would like to get feedback so we can improve our products.

Look under the Releases tab for process tools.

Info & Release Links

  • VSTS Process Home Page on MSDN which has more high-level information on Service Factory than you'll find here.
  • Process Templates from Microsoft. These configure Team Foundation Server to support an agile process. There are two versions: Agile and CMMI. You see these in the Visual Studio Team System's Process Template Manager tool.
  • Team System Process Editor which was released as a part of the Team Foundation Server Power Tool. This enables you to adjust the process templates to support your own software development process. For example, you can add fields to work item types. Once installed, the Process Editor appears under the Team menu in Visual Studio.
  • Creating and Customizing TFS Reports - A specialist guide on adjusting TFS reports to suit your process.
  • Guidance Generation Tool - The process templates are accompanied by a set of HTML pages describing the recommended project process. Because the pages contain a lot of cross-references, they are generated from an XML file. This package provides you with the XML source to the standard Agile and CMMI guidance, together with the generating tool. This XML format is easier to edit than the previous version, and in particular easier to translate to another language; and the generating tool works much faster.

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